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Let yourself be surrounded by nature – fresh air, fruits, flowers – all this with your family and friends! Be one amongst the Nature! With its country- like atmosphere and unique recreational activities, LAKEWOODS (Murbad) is sure to be an enjoyable place for guests of all age-groups! It is an ideal destination for school picnics and adventure camps.

Since from 2013, Satpe Realty Developers Pvt Ltd is an reputed land & plot developers in Maharashtra Under the supervision of Mr. Dilip Babu Satpe. He is an a great player in respected industry. LAKEWOODS is one of beautiful & successful bungalow project of Satpe Realty. Appreciating achievement in till dated is more than 90% plot has been sold out by Satpe realty now company moving one step ahead towards resort industry for a initial start a company has start Lakewoods tourisum place with all the beauty of the nature in her laps, and the best of the choices of the trees and lush greenery to adore its beauty. This compliments with a swimming pool to beat the heat and chill in blue waters and watch the sky. Lakewood village is a prefect ideal place for families who prefer to vent their daily stress from the pollution, work, traffic and wired daily lives. Lakewood village stands different than the conventional places around for it's down to earth ambience, very friendly people and environment that's refreshing & worth experiencing.

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